Massage Therapy

About Massage TherapyAs natural as Massage Therapy is, it is still viewed as a luxury reserved for the upper class, or termed an “alternative” form of therapy.

In reality Massage Therapy is the one of the oldest modalities of “health-care”. When the muscles of our bodies hurt we tend to hold them, this is the healing modality of touch.

Massage Therapy assists with healing and maintaining the well being of not only the body, but the mind and the spirit as well. Massage is a nurturing and natural from of therapy that is highly effective in restoring and promoting good health.

The benefits of massage have been documented from the earliest of times in history, and continue to grow. More and more Massage Therapy is recognized in the modern medical and sports community of our present day.

Massage treatments are helping many people with their discomforts and pain, be it minor aches/pains related to the stresses of every living, assisting an athlete to get back into his/her activity at a quicker rate, or chronic pain related to injury or trauma by integrating massage therapy techniques geared to meet each individual’s different needs.